Larry Wheels: Deal with the Devil

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Larry Wheels biography life

He is able to flip cars, to pull big trucks and to compete against the world's strongest men like Hafthor and Brian Shaw. He is used to powerlifting, bodybuilding and making business. Yes, Larry is even self-employed and has his own clothes label. He is physically and psychologically strong but there was not always light in Larry's life and he wasn't always strong. He walked a dark path to become successful.  

Larry Wheel's long and difficult road

Larry Wheels natural teenager

Who is this shy and fragile youngster? Yes, this is Larry Wheels and here's the story.
He was born on December 3, 1994 and grew up in poor neighborhoods of Bronx, New York. In his childhood he was thin and fragile.

With 13 years his weight was around 130lb/58kg. Furthermore Larry had a speech impediment and thus the other kids bullied him. He wanted to become stronger and bigger so nobody would bully him.

His father left him and his mother raised him alone. Larry was in foster care between the age 7 to 12 year. It was an incident that happened when he was six years old. His mother was falling in love with a new boyfriend. The boyfriend and Larry used to fall together by the ears.

One day the police showed up. The boyfriend called them, but the idea to call the officers came from Larry's mother. She is very emotional and infuriated.
The cops came into and she couldn't collect herself enough. She started attacking the police.

The police officers went upstairs when Larry was sleeping. They found this kid and thought it would be okay to take him to the police station. His mother got put in cuffs and they took her to the jail.

Drug tested her and found some stuff in her system. They made the decision Larry need to replace into foster care. Between the age of 11 and 12 he was placed in two different foster homes and according to Larry they were great to him, no complaints. He was with other foster kids they provide for him out.
He was fed and had a roof above his head and went to the school. He was very lucky to be placed in a very caring and genuinely good foster. This happened in New York City.

Once he hit 12 years old his mother have received custody of Larry and shortly after that she spoke to him about how she would occasionally visit a place called St. Martine. She was tired in New York City and thus Larry mother decided to start a new Life in St. Martine.

Between 12 and 15 he was living there. It is a US version Ireland but it is really a third world country. Big friendship touched on the island and kind of broken english it was there.

Larry Wheels St Martin

Saint Martin is an island split between the French collectivity of Saint-Martin and the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten. It is one of the smallest land masses divided between two countries.

For financial reasons he could not attend school. He was not able to go to school druing the whole time he spent there. There was only one english school. It was private and very expensive. They were poor.

When he was on this island he dealt with boredom and had nothing to do. Furthermore he dealt with bullying the kids didnt like him. They were aggresive.
When he moved to St. Marine the kids who are living there thought Larry would be rich because he is from New York City.

These kids would steal and there were crazy to come by his house and looked around for spare change.
As a teen he started building his body with a broomstick and two cinder blocks.

Thus he started picking up weightlifting and working out could solve to problem: his boredom and and maybe they stop bullying him. 

New York
With 15 years he was back in America. Back in New York City. He did not go to the school. Larry cites he was so far behind the other kids. For couple of years he was jumping between gymy and tried other sports like boxing. All his friends he knew were at the gym because that's the only place he went.

larry wheels gym

With the age of 15 years he finally found a gym called "J's BIG GYM". It was a hard core bodybuilding gym. He used to go to this gym frequently. And there was this guy who influenced Larry's path. Veteran, served 4 years and was 22/23 years at this time. He was a party guy. And Larry at this time 16 years old had never been out. He wasn't a drinker no drugs. They were training partners during that time and that's the reasons why they become so close.

He never had a father and spent most of his childhood in a foster care. No role model. No direction. Lost inside. Finally Larry bit into the forbidden apple and let himself seduced by hard drugs.

He really didn't realize that this veteran was an party animal. That guy introduced him to a lot of drugs. He let him do hard drugs he would never touched. He doesn't regret it. He learned a lot from that experience and saw where it was leading this guy. Larry stopped taking anything and canceled the contact. This guy is now homeless. Larry saw himself to go down that same path and to follow his footsteps.

Deal with the Devil

Larry Wheels deal steroids

Larry was surrounded by drugs, poverty and darkness. It seemed there was nothing else but darkness and loneliness. Larry's life was caged and he tried looking for the light.

One day the Norse God of Gods, Odin, had approached Larry with a deal - a Deal with the Devil, "Larry, I will give you a choice - you can live a long, safe, boring life and die old and forgotten in your bed - or you can be famous, strong and unique. You will live fast and your light will echo the whole world, but Larry maybe you will have to die young. I will let you choose the way you die!

The last thing the veteran introduced him was steroids. With 17 years he decided to pin. It seemed the right path. He said it was not his fault. It was his own choice because he didnt say no. He could say no but he didn't.

Before he ever used supplements he looked at where he was naturally and compared himself to other teenage powerlifters. He looked great and was stronger. naturally. And at that point he decided to start doing that. At that point he knew the risk. He would die for it. He wanted to be good at something so bad! Nothing else in his life filled him out like powerlifting.

He was getting hooked during that time. He was enjoying it. He was liking that period and was going to be bigger and stronger. It was the only thing that he thought he was good at. He wasn't good at studying or other things. Lifting weight is his only drive and passion. He started watching youtube videos and learning about anything about training. It became an addiction.

But he started worrying where he would be in the next few years. According to Larry there was other good things in his life. There was light beside powerlifting and supplements. And he cites that he wasn't far enough in his person development to see it.

"How dark it may seem right now you have to look for the light. Even if you don't see it you need to look harder. Educate yourself on the risk. Maybe you will die. That the kind of mind set, drive and passion you need before you think about using it" - Larry Wheels


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