Jusup Wilkosz 20 Inch Arm Workout

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Jusup Wilkosz arm workout

Garry Bartlet witnessed Jusup's arm workout in the 80s. Big thanks to Mr. Bartlet for his work and effort! The following informations and pictures are based on his work! Mr. Berg

Huge, massive, proportionate, and most importantly a genuine twenty inch arm. In fact when pumped it crept close to 21 inches. Much has been written regarding the recent success of the German "Jusup Wilkosz".

In studying the arm development of Jusup Mr. Bartlet was amazed at the cross striations that become prominently evident as he contracted his near perfectly shaped triceps.

Jusup feels that the arms should be worked with very heavy weights but in strict form. Perhaps a few cheat reps can be done in the final efforts of an exercise to really tire the muscle.

Jusup informed Mr. Bartlet that he is very strong and capable of doing well over 100lb in standing alternate dumbbell curls. In fact while training for the '80 Pro Universe with Arnold, he was using 105lb dumbbells for five or six reps.

It is obvious that 20" arms are not built with light weights. In preparation for his arm routine Jusup warmed up for about 25 minutes
 with various stretching movements. He feels that this is very important and will prevent many potential injuries. 

In the off season arms are worked twice a week. In the present with Mr. Bartlet he worked shoulders first with arms following. Supersets are very important and he uses them throughout his arm training alternating triceps with biceps.

There is no rest until the combination is completed. For example a triceps exercise was done then he immediately went to a biceps exercise and performed this before taking about a minute's rest.

The weight in each succeeding set of each exercise was constantly increased. 

Jusup Wilkosz triceps workout

Jusup began his arm routine with a combination exercise to fully get the triceps fully pumped for the heavier work which followed. This movement consisted of him gripping an overhead pulley with the hand turned down.

Then he would straighten his arm resulting in a tremendous contraction of the three heads of the triceps muscle. He would alternate each arm without rest 
until 5 sets of 12 reps were completed. It only took a couple of sets before Jusup's triceps began swelling and looked as though they might explode.

At this point he figured he would proceed to a biceps movement but to Mr. Bartlet's surprise he just turned his hand up in
 the opposite direction and began the same exercise all over again for another series of 5 sets of 12 reps.

He claims
 by switching the direction of the hand to an underhand grip the muscles are hit even harder. It is these type of things that mark a champion from the average bodybuilder. 

Most bodybuilders would have stopped after the first part of the movement. Due to the strictness of the pressdowns he used only 50lb. He maintains that weight is unimportant in this movement.

Now that the massive triceps were fully pumped it was time to really hit the arms.

Jusup Wilkosz biceps workout

A superset would now be done consisting of machine preacher curls alternated with parallel bar dips. Jusup really attacked the biceps, curling so hard that he would rip the handles right off the machine.

Jusup Wilkosz dip workouts triceps

Without rest he proceeded to the dipping bars strapped about 100lb to his waist and began dipping. Watching this giant Mr. Bartlet got the impression that he was in intense pain especially during the last couple of reps.

It is hard to deIt is as though he is willing his body to over ride the pain and keep going. As the trance like expression of his face became more strained you could feel the tremendous vibes of power encircling the room.

Jusup just attacks each set relentlessly pushing each muscle into complete submission. The super set combination lasted for 
5 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Mr. Bartlett proved that Jusup owned a 20" arm and he measured him. Before beginning his workout they taped 20", then after a few exercise he would tape them pumped. As the tape stretched just under 21" pumped Jusup would shake his head in frustration and proceed to do another superset superset to pump even more blood into the already gorged bicep and triceps muscles.

He took it as a personal challenge to prove that he could pump his arms to 21".

Jusup Wilkosz biceps workout

His next superset combination for the arms was seated one arm preacher curls alternated with bench dips with a heavy barbell across his lap. The preacher curls were done on a seated bench with a 65lb dumbbell one arm at a time. As the weight was curled he would give a final squeeze at the top of the movement in an effort to provide more peak.

Jusup Wilkosz triceps workout

Without rest he would then go over two benches placed across from each other and place his arms palms down on the bench with his feet up on the other one. Spotters would then load a 130lb barbell across his lap and he would begin doing dips.

This really brought out the horseshoe shape of the triceps as he came to the top of the movement and contracted the triceps fully. He feels that this exercise is very good for bulk and size, especially if heavy weights are employed. Again each exercise of this superset is done for 5 sets of 8 reps.

Just as soon as he had completed this superset he rushed over to the measuring tape to see if his goal was reached. 20 1/4", 20 1/2" the tape began stretching but stopped at 20-3/4" much of Jusup's disappointment.

The look of the disappointment in his blue eyes told the story. Without a word he rushed over to the dumbbell rack, grabbed a 55lb dumbbell and began doing a series of one arm concentration curls. At the finish of each set he immediately made his way to the lat machine and commenced repping out triceps pressdowns. The pressdowns were done with a most staggering 195lb which caused every fibre in his massive triceps to dance back and forth with the rhythm of the movement.
This sperset series was done for 4 sets of 12 reps.

Jusup Wilkosz arm measurements

Mr. Bartlet taped him again. They all held their breaths as Jusup strained and grunted in one last effort to squeeze any last remaining measurement into that stubborn tape. 20, 20 1/2, 20 3/4", 21". Yes, Jusup had done it, he had pumped his arms to the 21" mark.

With a rare grin that lit up his serious face like a fireworks display, Jusup exclaimed "Yeah, Garry you see, 21". " At this they all broke out in a tremendous round of laughter.

Perhaps if you try this routine you too will get 20" arms like Jusup. Who knows!
(Those who have been training less than two years should cut the sets to about half." Good luck!

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