How to Psych up for a Workout by Big Jim Williams

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big jim williams


This is also the proper time to learn how to control your emotions. Remember, controlling them or psyche, is not bashing your head in, but doing something that will help you.

First off, how do I control my psyche to make work for me? Through practice! How do you practice what you do not understand, and don't know how to control? Your psyche is your mind or self. This is what your major task will be, to control your mind or self.

Did you ever sit down and sort of relax and make muscle groups move independently of other groups? This is part of control.

In psyching up properly, it is imperative that you thoroughly analyze before hand the situation. The dictionary states, intimidate, but in our case there is no way to intimidate an inanimate object or objects. So therefore, it is necessary for us to urge oneself with mind controlled force to do in a forced situation what could not be done under normal conditions.

In this case, the situation would be a particular lift whether in the gym or a meet. The analyzation is the examination mentally of all your skills, training, and the thought of the people in the gym or meet, observing your intentions. Mentally you will release several hormones and epinephrine, and heart stimulant, thus rendering your added strength for the lift.

I practice my psych on my training partners, by suggesting on certain days to do certain feats, and in doing so, I also afford them the opportunity to experience this sensation. I will say something like this, "Tuesday, I am going for a max, 450 X 8".

Willy, who is much lighter will say, "In that case, I will go for 325 x 10", and each one will say what he will do in his respected weight training. We well talk it over, the ins and outs. Sometimes in a competitive spirit, one of us may say to the other, "I don't think it is possible", which will bring a heated argument, not a fight, which the other may say, "bet", and the psyche is on.

You know I found out that after you train so long, there is really not much more you can do for your lifts at a certain interval, but to psych and peak. If you don't know how to peak, you become rusty, and your lifts become stagnant and sometimes even fall. You see, the peak is the highest level or greatest degree of your training program.

This is brought about by perfecting a space in time to complete your projected training. This is usually a meet.

Remember, nothing should be done only because your training partners "said so", but in the full spirit of psyche. Start your training to the same psyche that you would use at a meet. This drives away staleness, in psyches others around you, and makes each training session a pleasure.

Remember this wisdom I am about to lay on you. I have had many, many training partners, and of these training partners, many did not like for me to discuss my routines with others outside this unique clique.

I was always quick to stress this upon them, if you hold back others, you hold back yourself. This too is a mental game that can trick you in the long run! It doesn't matter what you really tell others, because they still have to do it. The mind has to be free to work, and it cannot function to its maximum with restrictions on it. This will be your first step to becoming fully positive.

I'm not saying that you should advertise yourself, but you should never hold back anything that will in turn make you mentally uncomfortable. You may say, well Jimmy, you must be nuts to tell a lifting secret, and further more why should I?

Because you will never be able to fully extend yourself, whether in public or in a gym. Your secret will remain a secret and will die within you, never to be released or discovered. Do not be mentally chained, the innovation of an idea by others, is sometimes the secret to its success."

Big Jim's book page 60