David Troutt: The real life Frank Castle/Punisher!

Submitted by Mr.Berg on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 12:29
David Troutt powerlifter

David Troutt is a family man, hardworker and an extremly strong lifter. His Stats Height: 6"/183cm, Deadlift: 377.5kg/832lb, Bench: 170kg/374lb, Squat: 305kg/672lb

Frank is a born killer. His way of killing is unique. He kills his enemies without remorse and scruples. His Target are not random. He knows exactly who he wants to hit. There are similarities between David and Frank.

David's technique is characterized by violence and roar. The only difference is that David doesn't kill people. His target is the barbell. He know exactly how to move the bar away from the floor. With a lot of force und brutality.

Like Frank has a gift for killing, David has a gift for deadlifting. His Style is unique and deadly. I have never seen this kind of technique before. Before lifting he is calm. But as soon as he grasps the bar his transformation begins. It's like he's jumping off the ground explosively but with 800 pounds in his hands. The first phase starts with a jerk and the barbell bends gradually. It's not just the bar that starts to bend. His upper back loses tension and gets round slightly. But he does not care. That man has a bullet proof back! At first glance it seems as if he won't get any further. Then he starts roaring and moaning. An inner War breaks out between David and the Barbell. His face turns red and the veins appear.

It's him against the steel. And the steel will not win! Finally he completes the lift and let the bodies barbell hit the floor. That's David Troutt!

young troutt

If you would read and watch about the proper technique in deadlifting, then you will read the tip "move the bar SMOOTHLY off the floor without jerking". That's right. For many of us that's the right technique. But David is a natural born-deadlifter. You're not David troutt. You are an average hobby athlete. If you use his technique you will end up in a hospital. Severe herniated disc. Probably with paralysis and incontinence. His pictures from his youth indicate that he has a gift. A big bull's neck and the forearms of a woodcutter. And that at the age of only 15 years.

How does he train and where does his strength came from?

Powerlifting Body Transformation David Troutt

He started to train at 15 with just a pair of barbells. 6 years later he encountered the exercise "Deadlift". Furthermore he claimed to deadlift 475lb/215kg at his first time! David Troutt: "at 15 I started training, but I didn't even do squats or deadlifts until 21 or 22". David's favorite assistance: weighted wide grip pullups, lawnmower pulls, low row cable. He has been doing these since he was 15.

Other Powerlifters has been spending a lot of time training in the weight room and eating carefully like a competitive bodybuilder. But David is only cared about training hard. His nutrition consists of chicken express, chips, drinking a gallon of chocolate milk and tons of redlines.

David Troutt Powerlifter Diet Chicken McDonalds