Arnold Schwarzenegger's Training Routine with Dave Draper

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Submitted by Mr.Berg on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 16:19
Arnold Schwarzenegger Dave Draper

Arnold used to vary all the time his training routines. He never stayed on the same routine. But there are many snapshots how Arnold trained during his competition years. Here's one of many Arnold workout routines. The following system used Arnold as he trained with Dave Draper (should be around 1970). Have fun!

Arnold's Arm Training Routine
-Cheat Barbell Curl
-Seated Alternate Curls 5x8reps
-Lat Machine Pressdown 6x10 reps
-Lying Triceps Stretch 6x8 reps
-Barbell Concentration Curls 4x12reps

Arnold handled heavy poundaged in most exercises and he trained at a very leisurely pace. He warmed up with chins: 2 sets of as many reps as possible.

Cheat Barbell Curl

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cheat Curl

-3 sets 8 reps
-close hand grip
-weight is swung very slowly into shoulders, held there then very slowly lowered
-After doing 3 sets 8 reps he reduced weight. He did half curls

Half Curls
-4 sets 10 reps
-Curled the bar from his belt into the shoulders. 
-Weight is not lowered past his belt. 

Seated Alternate Curls

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dave Draper Biceps Training

Arnold held the bell away from his body thorughout the movement. Arnold cited this is a great biceps thickener. He performed 8 reps 5 sets for both arms. He used 75lb dumbells.

After training biceps he turned his attention to the triceps

Lat Machine Pressdowns (heavy)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Triceps training

-10 reps 6 sets
- Arms as close to the body as possible as he pushes down
-return is slow
-He locked his ellbows at the end of the downward, held the position and returned slowly to the start position
-He does his reps complete

Lying Triceps Stretch

Arnold Schwarzenegger triceps training

-8 reps 6 sets
-He is very concerned about the technique in this exercise
-Elbows are kept pointing directly upwards, hands held close together
- He lowers the bar SLOWLY to a point just above his forehead and then SLOWLY returns to the start
-He did not allowe the elbows to lock out. 
-Tried to keep the tension in the triceps

Concentration Curls

Arnold Schwarzenegger concentration curl

-Arnold peformed it with light weight
- Went through the movement slowly
- 4 sets 12 reps

Arnold's biggest role model was Reg Park. As a youngster Arni used to read Reg's training magazines. And one day after he won the Mr. Universe contest Reg Park invited him to train. Reg influenced him in many ways. You might be interested about Reg Park's training philosophy. Just use the tag system below and click "Reg Park". You will find the article 'Reg Park Training Routine'. Have fun!